Orientation 2015

Student Orientation

Student Orientation at York consists of two parts: York Orientation Day (which includes Academic Orientation at many of the Colleges), and Social Orientation (Froshweek).

York Orientation Day/Academic Orientation

We want you to have a smooth transition to university life and have planned this orientation to help you succeed at York. We will introduce you to the academic services, social activities, recreational activities and facilities available to you, both at your college and throughout the university.

York Orientation Day is on Tuesday Sept 8, 2015. Many colleges also have their Academic Orientation on the same day.  Please visit your college website for college-specific Orientation information:

Social Orientation

Along with Academic Orientation, each college, through their student council, offers Social Orientation (Froshweek) to new students, to have fun, help students make connections with each other, and start growing into a community. More details will be available on your college's web site later in the summer.

Parent and Family Orientation

Please join us for the University Parent & Family Orientation Program on Saturday September 5th (more detailed information and registration coming soon). Learn how your son/daughter or family member can smoothly transition into university life. This comprehensive, half-day session will include a welcome from President Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri and provide relevant information about York’s student services.  As well, there is an orientation relating to your son/daughter's College. Lunch will be provided, and parents will receive information on academic services, social activities, recreational activities and facilities available at the College.

The Orientation schedule is college-dependent:

Bethune, Calumet, Mclaughlin, Stong and Winters College:

  • 10-1 pm: Central Orientation
  • 1-4 pm: Lunch/College Orientation

New College:

  • 10-1 pm: College Orientation/Lunch
  • 1-4 pm: Central Orientation

Founders and Vanier College:

  • 1-4 pm: Central Orientation