Living-Learning Communities

Some of York's Residences contain Living-Learning Communties or Themed Houses. These are comprised of mostly first-year students living together sharing a common academic program or interest.

Students applying to certain residences will have the option to  select a themed house as listed below. In most cases, you do not need to be a major in a specific program in order to be eligible. The one exception is Life Sciences House in Bethune, which gives priority to Life Sciences students. For all other themed houses, all you need is an interest in the topic and the desire to participate throughout the year in activities related to the theme.

There is no additional fee to be in a themed house. If you select one of the themed house options you will be asked to complete a supplementary application to tell us why you are interested. Space in themed houses is limited. Placement is not guaranteed and will depend on what you tell us in your supplementary application:

  • Global House (Pond Residence)
  • Health & Wellness (Stong Residence)
  • Life Sciences House (Bethune residence)
  • Politics, Law, and Public Affairs (Tatham Hall Residence)
  • Music & Sound (Winters Residence)

More Information about each Themed House

Global House (Pond Residence, 82 spaces on the 4th floor) is an internationally focused community dedicated to both Canadian and international students who have an interest in exploring the global community and internationalizing their living environment while attending York University. More Info

Health & Wellness (Stong Residence, 44 spaces on floors 9 & 10) is a theme that directly complements the mentoring activities that take place in the Stong College, including supplementary instruction sessions offered for courses such as Anatomy and Physiology. This floor is ideal for students majoring in Kinesiology, Nursing and Health Policy, Health Management and Informatics and those who welcome the opportunity of group/partner study and intellectual explorations in these fields.

Politics, Law, and Public Affairs (Tatham Hall Residence,  44 spaces on floors 4 & 5) offers students with an interest in politics, law and public affairs a variety of events and activities aimed at enriching their understanding of and participation in political life.  On-campus activities include speakers, movies, interaction with affiliated student clubs, and discussions of contemporary political and legal issues.  Off-campus activities include opportunities for field trips such as visits to municipal and provincial governments, politicians’ constituency offices, courts and penitentiaries.  Students will have the opportunity to meet political leaders from all levels of government and the public service, to build skills in analyzing, developing and promoting specific public policies, and to gain a deeper understanding of the Canadian political and legal system.

Life Sciences House (Bethune residence, 42 spaces on floors 11 & 12) is the home for Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Kinesiology and Health Science students sharing the same classes and labs and forming organized study groups. More Info

Music & Sound (Winters Residence, 32 spaces on the 1st floor) is suited to Music students who are expected to practice together outside of class and to experiment and build repertoire. You don't have to be a Music major to participate, but you do want to have an interest in making, and listening to, music. In addition to access to fellow musicians, residents will enjoy other programming opportunities, including a performance at the end of each term.